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Kanu (The founder of Access Eco Trekking Tours)

Tour in Ethiopia
Kanu, Eshetu and My Son Isaac with one of our customer from England!

My name is Wasihun Ayele (Kanu) I grew up on a farm in the highlands of Lalibela with my family of seven. Life was simple, the vast fields bore witness to our curiosity. and as kid, I spent my time with my families on the farmland which demands hard work to tilling, planting, caring, fertilizing and harvesting! So, This is where i have learned to obey the rules of our Mother nature, the tradition of the local community, the importance of Education and hard work.

As I got older, I went to school in Lalibela city and later to Addis Ababa, I got my Diploma with three different filed of studies in Tourism, Human Resource Management and French Language. I also attended more training in Lalibela Vocational School to stay updated myself with current happenings and information worldwide.

Then after school, I quickly understood the importance of preparation, Globalization (As i believe that i am one of the Global family), and as our Mother nature is something really worth need to be protected and very sensitive!

I have worked as a trekking guide for the National Park of Abuna Yosef, Bale Mountain, City guide in Addis Ababa and tour guide to all tourist and non touristic parts of the country for over 10 Years, leading many tours with people from all over the world.

In the meantime, I am the owner and manager of “Access Eco Trekking Ethiopia Tours” tour and travel Company.”

Reading this, I really would loved my customers to understand that to open and run this company mean to me is truly to applied these values on my job and daily life with great responsibility, commitment and honesty!

Travel and Trekking Guides of Access Eco Trekking Ethiopia Tours:-

Our Trekking guides and team members were born in Lalibela, mountainous regions of North Wollo and have spent their childhoods traveling the endless trails of these parts of the country.

They have intimate knowledge of the terrain, the people, and the cultures you will encounter on to corner of the country.

They are a happy team who loves their job, has a minimum of seven years working experience with a different company and certified with a three years of study on the subject matter of what they did in Lalibela vocational school and of course they all speak very good English to help you communicate with the community and understand the area!