2-Days Trekking Tours

Short Information of the Tour.

Name of the Tour: Abune Yosef Community Eco Trekking

Area: Asheton, Merbarbu, Atabkit and sleep the night at Ade Medhanealem Village

Duration: 16 – 17 Hours

Best Season: Throughout the Year

Grade: Easy

Altitude: 2,630 – 3,600m.

Total Trekking: 32km.

Required Level of Fitness: Walking ability for about 15 Hours within two days and fit for an altitude change

Price Inclusive:

  • English Speaking Guide
  • 2 Lunch and Dinner
  • Bottled mineral water (Two bottles of packed water per a day) Never mind, we will offer if you need more than that.
  • Fruit (Banana or Orange)
  • Mango Juice
  • Donkey with porter (To transport all your materials that you wanted to use them during the Trekking)

Price Exclusive:

  • All Alcoholic Drinks
  • Breakfast of the first day
  • Church entrance fee

During arrival at Lalibela Airport, We will pick you and transfer until your reserved hotel in Lalibela.

The day before trekking start, we will meet our guests at our office (which is located at the center of the town, Next to the Ethiopian Airlines Lalibela office) for conformation and we will explain about the details of your trekking tour using the site map and our office will be the point where your trekking tour will start!
The next day morning around 7:45am your trekking guide and the porter will meet you again at the reception of your Hotel to organise and pack your materials that will be on the donkey and your trekking will start from our office!

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The local community coming down from their village to Lalibela open air market!

Day 1: Walking Tour to Ade Medhanealem Village

At the morning 7:45am your trekking guide will meet you again at the reception of your Hotel and your trekking will begin. After 25 minutes, you will find yourself leaving the town, you will be on the top of Lalibela, wondering the landscape with the fresh air of the Ethiopian highlands.

The difficulties of this trip is between 6 – 7% and offers a unique combination of spectacular scenery, culture and history.

Continue walking for about 2:30h, You will arrive at “Merebarbu” Which is 3,500m and has a panoramic view of the region. Here, You will have a short minutes of break having fruits on your hand. Start waking again, You will pass through afro alpine forest, Hagenia abyssinica plants, remote villages, farm lands and looking the Gelada Baboon.

The Gelada Baboon that you will spot on the way!

Mid day, You will arrive again to mount “Atabkit” Which is 3,600m and has a spectacular view over the other side of the region. It is the place where you are going to eat your lunch and have some time of rest by wondering the view and looking the mountain Peoples doing the routine of life.

In the afternoon, the trek starts again and you arrive “Wodebye” village at the evening where food, drinks and foot massage will be waiting for you.

After having your welcoming soup with coffee or tea, you walk round the village, with the children you can do some fun and we will take you back again to a farmers house next to your lodge for having dinner. There you will be with the families of the farmer setting beside a fire, animals and children!

After spending an optional extra acclimatization day here, Finally, you will go to your separate room to sleep and we will see each other on the next day morning for a breakfast.

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The landscape of Mount Abune Yosef.

Overnight: At Ade Medhanealem Village.

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Day. 2: Walking Tour Back to Lalibela

After having your breakfast, you start the downhill walking back to Lalibela which is far about 22km. and that will take us about an 8 hours walking trip again.

Overnight: Hotel in Lalibela.

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  1. We’ve done this exactly a year ago with my sister, spent a night at Abey’s home, had coffee with their neighbors, beautiful people and we came back beautiful memories. Great experience!


    1. Yes! We do an Eco friendly trekking, local tour and community based tourism tour in Ethiopia to Mount Abune Yosef, Simien Mountain, Bale Mountain, Awash, Nech Sar National parks and Northern historical circuit, Southern Ethiopia Omo Valley Photography Tours, Tigray churches, Danakil Depression, Harar, Gonder, Bahir Dar, Lalibela, Axum and Mek’ele cities!


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