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Our happy customers doing the Four Days Eco Trekking and community based tour around Mount Abuna Yosef!

Trekking over Mount Abuna Yosef offers authentic mountain hiking and walking tours in the lovely environment of the Ethiopian highlands. Any of the trekking are customizable and can be planned at any time of the Year. The headquarter of our mountain Eco friendly community based trekking tours is located in  Lalibela, Northeast of Ethiopia and we have also branch office the capital city of Ethiopia at Addis Ababa which is the center of every tour.

This page contains and explain the list of  Eco trekking, historical, cultural and community based tours that we organise in Ethiopia. However, some points are not rigid as written and we and our tour itineraries are flexible depending on the physical fitness of our happy customer, time and budget. 

Communication and adjustments are done to suit your interest. Please visit the contact page to get the details of our tour packages, Eco trekking tours, community tourism and the cost of all tour packages to all destination of the country.

We have a multiple destination of making trekking and walking tour in Ethiopia from the highest mountain in Ethiopia Semien mountain, Bale mountain, Abuna Yosef  National parks to Awash, Nichi Sar, Gambella and Core Churtura national Parks in Ethiopia.

  • Semien Mountain National Park (Gondar):

It is the highest mountain in Ethiopia and has an option for travelers to make a trekking and walking tour from a day trip to an eight days…

Contact Us for more information of the tour itinerary to Semien mountain national park and cost of the tour.

  • Bale Mountain National Park:

This is the 2nd highest mountain in Ethiopia and very rich with wildlife for travelers who are interested with Bird Watching, outdoor activities, Camping, hiking and it is really the best place to spot the Ethiopian Red Fox.

We have itineraries from a day trip to 10 days trekking tour to all the natural and historical attraction of Bale mountain.

  • Mount Abuna Yosef National Park:

It is the Third highest mountain in Ethiopia and famous for its community based Eco trekking and walking tour in Ethiopia.

  • Awash National Park:

Has an interesting gorge view of the Awash river, wildlife and bird watching. 

  • Nechi Sar National Park:

It is located in the Southern part of Ethiopia and very famous for its wildlife, the Zebra, Rhino and Hippopotamus.