3-Days Visit Lalibela

This page contain and explain about Three Days Cultural, Historical and Trekking Tour Around Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Lalibela is one of the World heritage and most visited historical destination in Ethiopia. 

The still active Rock-cut churches of the 12th Century attracts so many visitors and it sometimes consider as the 8th wonder of the world.

The churches are excavated from a sloping mass of red volcanic scoria under laid by dark grey basalt and interconnected by a maze of tunnels and passages with openings to hermit caves and catacombs the rock-hewn churches give the impression of an underground city. But not only have the rock-churches survived until today. Something far older has, too. 

The churches are for at least 900 years the religious and spiritual center of the region.

Access Eco Trekking Ethiopia Tours invites the world to visit the churches of Lalibela and its surrounding with only three days tour from Addis Ababa.

Day: 1


Arrival at Lalibela Airport and transfer to your Hotel.

Lunch could be at your Hotel or in one of the Restaurant in the town.


Will be the time to visit the first group of Lalibela churches.

Overnight: Hotel in Lalibela. (L, D)

Day: 2


Early in the morning, Start walking to one of the Monastery church called (Asheten Maryam).

See our Full Day Trekking Tours Itinerary in “https://accessecotrekking.com/full-day-trekking-tour/


Having shower and Dinner in your Hotel, you may go out if you are interested to spend sometime in “Torpido Teji House” a local bar with the Ethiopian honey wine and live traditional dance.

Good opportunity to see the night life of Lalibela Town with the local community.

Overnight: Hotel in Lalibela. (B, L, D)

Day: 3


Start driving to Yemerahan Kiristos church. Which is built by King Yemerahan Kiristos, the brother of King Lalibela and it is 80 years old than Lalibela churches and far about 42 km from Lalibela. 


Having lunch and taking a rest, your guide will wait you in the reception of your Hotel to let you visit the the rest of Lalibela churches which are the Second and Third groups. 

Overnight: Hotel in Lalibela. (B, L, D)

End of Tour. 

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