Communities We Support

Community based tour around Lalibela
The local communities Children that we support, Picture taken when getting together to the annual school supplies distribution time in front of Access Tours community school!

This page explains about the local community school and Lalibela Hospital we and our customers support! When we say we work very close with the local community, we need our costumes to see the small support we offer to the less fortunate children and the school we run with the co-operation of the administration of the local community officials!

Here the School of Access Ethiopia Eco Tours, the local community we journey with!

The first few photos were taken during one of our customer travelled to Ethiopia helping the penitent in Lalibela Hospital who comes from surroundings village to get medication and unable to feed themselves.

Access Eco Trekking

The community that Access Eco Trekking Tours Supports with our customers!

The local community we support

The school we support
The children of Access Eco Trekking Tours!
The children we support
Thank you Mr. Julian, Richard and Mrs. Sarah!
Lalibela, Ethiopia
When we deliver the school supplies that our customer support to our school!
The school we support
Children of Mount Abuna Yosef with Access Eco Trekking
The school that Access Eco Trekking support
Children showing the school supplies they received from Access Eco Trekking Tours American and English Trekkers!
Access Eco trekking
Children of Access Eco Trekking Tours having their school supplies!
Community trek in Lalibela
The girls we support to get a better school around Mount Abuna Yosef
Churches of Lalibela
Small children coming to the school!
Prices of traveling in Ethiopia
Help the local community!
Budget travel in Ethiopia
Inside Access Eco Trekking Tours school found in the village of Mount Abuna Yosef!
Birds of Mount Abuna Yosef
Inside the school!
Hiking in Lalibela
The notebook and pen we provide the children!
Schooling on Mount Abuna Yosef!
The school were without writing chalk and the teachers were using a traditional chalk to write! However, we have the chalk donation from our customers and now the children are happy to have it!
Community tourism in Lalibela, Ethiopia
Access Eco Trekking Ethiopia Tours helping girls to continue their schooling in Lalibela!
Tour and Travel in Ethiopia
Trekking Around Lalibela with the local community!
Outdoor activities around Lalibela
Our Tour Guide Delivering the school supplies to the children!
Mountain hiking in Ethiopia
Children of Mount Abuna Yosef being happy having the school supplies for the next school season!
Helping children in Lalibela, Ethiopia
Even very small children coming to the school to get their school supplies from Access Eco Trekking Tours!
Community trekking in Ethiopia
Hudad, the mountain above Lalibela town about 3,600m our customers enjoying the panoramic view of the highlands of Ethiopia with the local community!

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