Lalibela Homestay

Lalibela Homestay provides an accommodation service for every travellers coming to Lalibela.

Lalibela Homestay is located very close to the famous churches of Lalibela “Bete Medhanalem” and it is just 1minute walk to the ticket office, Banks in Lalibela, the Ethiopian Airlines Lalibela office, the centre of the town and 21km from Lalibela Airport.

We offer an accommodation service in Lalibela for those people who wanted to stay with locals and interested in sharing culture, tradition, lifestyles of the local community living around Lalibela and further more we provide cooking classes for those who even wants to learn how to cook Ethiopian foods.

Many travellers stayed in our house and they were excited and we have had so many unforgettable memories of different travellers worldwide.

Our price is affordable for everyone and you will be profitable in discovering about the hidden beauty of the country Ethiopia.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries to stay with us!

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