Lalibela Cookery and Brew School

Are you traveling in Ethiopia?

We hope that the ancient town of Lalibela (which is famous for its the 11th century rock-cut churches) is one of your destination.
After visiting the churches, there is something you shouldn’t miss about the opportunities to learn how to cook Ethiopian foods while traveling in Ethiopia!

We are professional standard traditional cookery school in Lalibela naming ourselves “Lalibela Cookery School” Of course, will help you out with how to learn to cook Ethiopian most common and delicious food if you have the interest!
Lalibela Cookery School is here to help travelers learn how to cook the Ethiopian common and famous foods!
Are you Vegetarian? Or Non? Lalibela Enjera Cookery School will let you know how to cook Ethiopian Vegetarian or non vegetarian food in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Contact us and please know how to cook Ethiopian gluten free dishes!
Travel, Wonder, Love and Eat!

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