Trekking Equipments

Some of the following items are important to have them when planning to do an outdoor activities in Ethiopia.

Hiking equipments are the equipment taken on outdoor walking trips.

Hiking is usually divided into day-hikes and multiple-day hikes, called backpacking , trekking, and walking tours. The equipments would be selected varies according to the duration, distance, planned activities, and the environment.

If you finally decided to trek with us you can see the list of the Trekking gear you have to bring that helps to comfort your adventure during any conditions.

  • Warm Jacket, One pair cotton trousers or shorts
  • Cotton shirts and socks
  • Camp towel
  • Personal toiletries
  • T-shirts
  • Bandana/scarf
  • Sun hat
  • Hand glove
  • Sunglasses (to protect your eyes from blowing sand, sun reflection and to see better at night)
  • Light: Flashlight (UK torch) or two, preferably hands-free (headband or headlamp), spare batteries and bulb.
  • Trekking boot
  • Trekking poles (also known as hiking poles, hiking sticks or walking poles) are a common hiking accessory used to assist walkers with their rhythm and provide stability on rough terrain.
  • Sunscreen (also commonly known as sunscreen, sunblock, suntan lotion, sunburn cream, sun cream or block out ) is a lotion, spray, gel or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV)radiation and thus helps protect against sunburn.

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