Full Day Trekking Tour

Short Information of the Tour.

Name of the Trekking Tour: Trekking to the Mountain Church Asheton Maryam Monastery and Merebarbu.

Area: Asheton Maryam, Hudad via Merebarbu

Duration: 8.30 Hours

Best Season: Throughout the Year

Grade: Easy

Altitude: 3500m.

Total Trekking Distance: 18km.

Required Level of Fitness: Walking ability for about 6-8 hours

Price Inclusive:

– English Speaking Guide

– Lunch (We prepare any kind of food you would love to eat)

– Entrance fee (There will be a Monastery church Asheton Maryam that you will visit during your day trip and this will be our bill)

– Bottled mineral water

– Fruit (Banana or Orange)

Price Exclusive:

– All Alcoholic drinks

– Breakfast

During arrival, We always arrange a Taxi service to our customers from Lalibela Airport until their reserved hotel.

Day before the trekking starts, we will meet our guests at our office (which is located at the center of the town, Next to the Ethiopian Airlines Lalibela office) for tour conformation and we will explain about the details of your trekking tour using the site map and our office will be the point where your trekking tour will start!

DAY. 1: Walking Tour to Asheton Maryam Monastery, Merebarbu and Hudad

The next day morning around 7:45am your trekking guide and the porter will meet you again at the reception of your Hotel to organise and pack your materials that will be on the donkey and your trekking will began from our office!

After 30 minutes walk, you will find yourself leaving the town and looking down to Lalibela city as you take in the fresh air of the Ethiopian highlands.

At this point you will start spotting the Rock-Hewn churches, your Hotel and village of Lalibela town from the mountain trail.

This trip offers a unique combination of spectacular scenery, culture and history. You will pass through the Afroalpine forest, remote villages, farmland and looking the local communities doing the routine of life on the field.

Then after 2.30h walk, you will arrive to a small village located at 3,300metres above sea level. The scenery is wonderful here, allowing the perfect opportunity to take a break, drinking your water, wondering the scenery and a much-needed snack of fresh fruit to get some energy will be done here.

Once we start walking again, after 15 minutes, we will be in the middle of a small village of Mount Asheton. If you wish we offer a short time of visit to the village and you will be invited to visit the inside parts of a farmer’s living house including testing Ethiopian coffee and attending the full ceremony. There is something authentic and natural about participating in a coffee ceremony on the mountain village, one opportunity not to be missed by first time visitors.

The farmers living house visit and coffee ceremony is a very interesting experience that we advice our guests to do, because it is a great opportunity to explore how the Ethiopian houses looks like from inside, to understand about the tools we use, how the animals and people live together!

Passing through the mountain village, after the steep road which looks like a twisted rope that hugs around the mountain, will take about 4 hour on foot. However, I proudly would loved to assure you that the end definitely will be a sweet rewarding experience as you will be on the top of the region and arrive at Asheton Maryam monastery church, Built on a ridge at 3,500 m altitude, 10 km from Lalibela, lays this 13th century monastery, offering excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Inside the monastery you find the 13th century processional crosses of King Nakuto Le’Abe who ruled Ethiopia for 40 years just after King Lalibela.

On the top of this mountain, you will have your lunch and we will keep hiking to the next mountain Merebarbu which is 2km further, standing parallel to mount Asheton Maryam, Here we will be able to spot the group of Gelada Baboon (Theropithecus gelada) and the biggest bird Lammergeier or Bone Breaker (Gypaetus Barbatus).

After spending some time over this mountain, we will start walking downhill to Lalibela and your full day hiking trip ends in front of your Hotel.

Overnight: Hotel in Lalibela.

(L, D)

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