Cooking Class in Ethiopia

Are you visiting the 8th wonder of the world, churches of Lalibela? After visiting the churches, plan in advance in joining the traditional cooking class with host Asnka for a hands-on cooking experience in Lalibela.

I am Asnka and from the Amhara region of Ethiopia but i love to cook dishes from around the country, so prepare to be served pan-Ethiopian cuisine.

At the beginning, I learned to cook helping my mother around the house as a child and later studied at Lalibela Vocational College. Now, I ran my own kitchen after married my husband Kanu, who has a Diploma in tour guide and is a tourism professional – he’s led trips around Ethiopia for over a decade!

Your cooking class will take place in my home kitchen at the centre of Lalibela city Kedemt Village. Just 2 minutes walk from the churches of Lalibela.

During your 1.5 – 2 hour class, I will show you how to make a traditional Ethiopian dish as well as how to pour and cook the perfect injera, a traditional fermented bread people in Ethiopia use as an edible plate with other dishes served on top of it.

You will definitely learn to make shiro (chickpea or broad bean stew) or tibs (stir-fried meat with vegetables and spices) in addition to injera. You will also learn to roast coffee beans.

We have no doubt that this would be a unique opportunity to learn from locals and experience authentic Ethiopia with its traditions and cuisine – so join our cooking class today, experience all about the Ethiopian traditional cuisine and leave with a full stomach and new memories to share with your loved ones at home!

If you’re interested in learning to make an additional dish, include it in advance when you book this cooking class with us.

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