Irish Prime Minister In Lalibela

Access Eco Trekking Tours! We spend a great time with the Irish Prime Minister visiting the churches of Lalibela!

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August Eco & Community Based Tourism

Traveling around the Classic Northern Historical circuit Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Gonder, Simien Mountains National Park, Axum and Mek’ele is unique and so wonderful from August to November is so fantastic!

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Outdoor Activities Around Lalibela, Ethiopia

If your trip around Lalibela fails during the weekend? Then Lalibela has so much to offer on Saturday… Lalibela’s open air market is where thousands of people come to buy and sell from different villages around the highlands of Ethiopia. 

You definitely have the chance to visit the very large market with thousands of people having different dressing, hair, cultural and historically styles communities to the city!

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