Market Days of the Omo Valley

Market Day in the Omo ValleySince most people have long journeys to and from the towns, markets are best visited between 10:30am and 4:00pm.Access Eco Trekking Tours listed the Notable markets of Omo Valley as follow to help travellers plan their trip dates to match with the Market days.1-Arbore MarketDayMondayTribes at the MarketArbore and Tsemay2-Dimeka MarketDayTuesday and SaturdayTribes at the MarketBanna, Bashada, Hamer, Karo & Tsemay3-Jinka MarketDayTuesday and SaturdayTribes at the MarketAri, Banna, Bashada and Mursi4-Giyo MarketDayThursdayTribes at the MarketAri, Bacha, Dime, Mursi and Surma5-Hana Mursi MarketDaySundayTribes at the MarketAri, Bacha, Dime, Mursi and Surma6-Key Afar MarketDayThursdayTribes at the MarketBanna, Hamer and Tsemay7-Omorate MarketDayTuesday and SaturdayTribes at the MarketDaasanach8-Turmi MarketDayMonday and ThursdayTribes at the MarketBashada and Hamer9-Weyto MarketDaySaturdayTribes at the MarketTsemayThe markets at Dimeka (Saturday), Key Afar (Thursday) and Turmi (Monday) are among the biggest and best.

Botanical Tours in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Botanical Tours spent a fantastic day with our professional botanist in Gullele Botanical Garden, Simein mountain national park, around mount Abune yosef and lower Omo Valley discovering the flora, fauna, wildflowers and plants in Ethiopia!!

This page is intended mainly for the Naturalist Botanist) travellers who loves flora, fauna, flowers and plants! We have carefully studied about the flora, fauna, wild flowers and plants that are growing around the Ethiopian highlands (Northern and Southern parts of Ethiopia) specially the flora, fauna, wildflowers and plants that are in Ethiopians national parks, remote villages, countryside, Gulelle botanical garden and farmlands of the country! Join us today and discover about the flora, fauna, wildflower and plants in Ethiopia!

Join us today and discover all about the flora, fauna, wildflowers and plants in Ethiopia!

Irish Prime Minister In Lalibela

Access Eco Trekking Tours! We spend a great time with the Irish Prime Minister visiting the churches of Lalibela!

Happy New Year To Everyone Worldwide!!

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August Eco & Community Based Tourism

Traveling around the Classic Northern Historical circuit Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Gonder, Simien Mountains National Park, Axum and Mek’ele is unique and so wonderful from August to November is so fantastic!

In joining one of our Eco friendly trekking and community based tourism tour around the Northern Ethiopia offers a unique combination of culture and adventurous trip!!

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Outdoor Activities Around Lalibela, Ethiopia

If your trip around Lalibela fails during the weekend? Then Lalibela has so much to offer on Saturday… Lalibela’s open air market is where thousands of people come to buy and sell from different villages around the highlands of Ethiopia. 

You definitely have the chance to visit the very large market with thousands of people having different dressing, hair, cultural and historically styles communities to the city!

Access Eco Trekking Ethiopia Tours would make this happened to you!