About us

Our Story:

Access Eco Trekking Tours is an Eco friendly trekking, Community based tourism, local tour and travel company located at Addis Ababa and Lalibela town aiming to create another tour and travel opportunities for travelers to Ethiopia’s Historical, Cultural, Natural and Adventurous destinations with exploration of the local communities tradition, history, culture, daily activities and lifestyle during the tour.

We were established as a professional Eco friendly trekking, community based local tour and travel company in 2008 by “Kanu” a young, passionate man who loves and respect our Mother nature. We are always so passionate about local tour, community based tourism in Ethiopia and with displaying the world about the hidden beauty of the country!

The Southern Ethiopia nomadic people, Northern, Eastern and western Ethiopia are another interesting place to discover and understand about the tradition, culture, daily activities and history of the local communities. It is here and with us that you will definitely experience an exciting Eco friendly trekking, local and community based tour!

Making a community based Eco friendly local tour with us to Mount Abuna Yosef, a prominent mountain near the Eastern escarpment of the Ethiopian highlands, at 4,260 meters (13,976 ft), the Third tallest mountain in Ethiopia and 19th highest of Africa. It is located in the Lasta massif in the Semien Wollo Zone of the Amhara Regional Government offer a lifetime memorable trip.

Trekking over Mount Abune Yosef, Simien and Bale offers authentic mountain hiking, community based tour and outdoor activities around the lovely environment of the highlands of Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Exploring the wonderful landscape of Northern, naturally (culturally) famous southern, historically rich eastern Ethiopia is why our company is here and opened its door for operation to offer travelers an exciting Eco friendly trekking tour over the massif Abuna Yosef mountain and the surrounding areas of Lalibela.

In joining one of our local tour and travel Eco friendly community based tourism to Simien mountain, Bale Mountains trekking, Northern Ethiopia Historical route, Southern Ethiopia nomadic tribes visit around the Omo Valley, Danakil Depression trekking tour and travel in Ethiopia with a sense of community based tourism, You will find familiar but professional environment.

Our mountain hiking or tour and travel in Ethiopia are very different one to each other and they are fit for all testes: You can live more the adventure or enjoy a mild and comfortable experience.

Join us Today and discover about the hidden natural beauty of the Ethiopian highlands has to offer the World!

Our Goal:

To be the leading Community based Eco friendly trekking local tour and travel company in Ethiopia in providing a life time memorable tour and travel experience in Ethiopia to our happy customers worldwide.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to let the World discover about the hidden natural, historical and tradition of the Ethiopian people and destinations has to offer for the World.

Our Philosophy:

We follow the social philosophy that seeks to be responsible to the society and the environment in which we work and live.

We believe in Eco friendly, community based tourism and 30% of our income goes to the communities we work with.

The local communities of Mount Abune Yosef, Simien Mountains, Bale Mountains, Danakil Depression (Erta Ale), Southern Ethiopia nomadic tribes (Omo Valley tour), Bahir Dar, Gonder, Lalibela, Axum, Tigray churches and the local communities who lives in those destinations and become parts of our journey are benefited from the tourism industry being employed as local guides, accommodation provider, food provider drivers, cooker and mule handler with Access Eco Trekking Tours!

Plus the community generates an incomes from the tourism industry and every local tour and travel we did to the destinations in Ethiopia by renting the community lodge they owned for accommodation purpose and we buy all ingredients from the local communities!

Our other support goes to a remote local community Elementary School, so that the children of local community would have their school supplies every New Year.

We also participate with helping the local communities get a Solar Light to their living House in the village where there is no electricity and we activity participate with the community’s annual Tree plantation program.

We are so interested and passionate working and helping the local Artists (Painter) and Souvenirs shops displaying their paintings to our customers and we organise an Art exhibition in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

We believe and accept the protection of natural resources positively, as our livelihoods will logically depend on the long-term persistence of those Ecosystem services.