Timket or Epiphany is an event which celebrated with great zeal, enthusiasm, and respect to commemorate the actual baptism of Jesus Christ in River Jordan.

The event attracts thousands of pilgrims from all around the world to the ancient land of churches at Lalibela and it’s surroundings!

Contrary to what many believe, Timket is rather a festival of color, music, and religiosity all happening at once.

While priests don traditional Ethiopian clothes and ancient Ethiopian robes, the local men and women dress up in the best clothes they have which obviously are of the Ethiopian descent. Usually, white clothes are preferred with a hint or mix of other bright colors but everyone wears the best piece of clothing that is available to them during this time. As there is even a saying regarding the clothing which goes somewhat like “A dress that is not worn to Timket shall be torn to shred”.

On the final day of the event, all men and women except for priests wear clean white traditional Ethiopian robes and followed by a procession that is led by the priests who however are dressed in luxuriant fabrics with luxuriously big and embellished umbrellas. There is singing and dancing while carrying religiously symbolic ornaments such as the holy cross. During the parade, the priests spray over the holy water on the onlookers. When all this is going on, some elderly choose to stick to the traditional ceremonial services such as holding the fans while other recites verses from the bible.

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